Floripa FOMO

You know you’ve found a good spot when you haven’t touched your computer in several days and are not sure were your phone’s at. When you don’t want to go to bed and you actually get up for the hostel breakfast. When even though you’re busy the whole day and night, you have serious FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) because there is always something else happening at the same time.  And you’re definitely dreading the day you have to leave. So you postpone your travels for another day or two.  That’s Florianopolis!

I wasn’t sure what we’d arrive to when going to Floripa. The fall was starting in the south, the water was supposed to be cold and the high season was ending. I never made it my first time in Brazil because of my Itacaré crush, but as my friend was coming to visit, I really wanted to go somewhere new. And Floripa did not disappoint. It was warm, sunny and there was at least one party for every night of the week.

After spending five days in Sao Paulo we were both pretty excited to get to the coast. I find that I enjoy big cities less and less now, and two days are usually enough. But since we had decided to splurge on a nice hotel and had our own little apartment, it was almost like having a home for a few days. Next to a familiar, friendly face, the massive amounts of Norwegian candy that came along with it raised my life quality to perfection. Can’t believe how I’ve missed a comfy couch, just chilling out with a close friend and stuffing my face till I feel sick. Wonderful, Norwegian life!

Sao Paulo also brought with it some wonderful shopping which resulted in me leaving for the coast with a few too many pairs of sunglasses. We arrived at the Backpacker Sharehouse late night after everyone had gone out, which gave the deceiving impression of a half-empty, quiet hostel. From the next day though, it was busy living. A solid series of nights out that lasted well over a week then only to be reduced to every other night. We arrived just before the Easter holiday which apparently was the last chance for Brazilians to party before university and jobs called. High season was ending, but it was with a bang.

Most days ended up at Praia Mole. Perfect spot for tanning and surfing.

Joaquina sand dunes 

One of the highlights of the week was the local pool party at P12, a more upscale club which rumour had it was rated among some of the best in the world. Don’t know about that, but starting the party on the bus from the hostel at 3pm the mood was pretty good amongst the hostel crowd. Now, adding a pool and some pretty Dj sets  with a stage show keeping the crowd happy and you’ve got a pretty epic night even though the show ended at 10pm.

I was more excited to go surfing again though, so I skipped out on a few nights to get up early, but as the surf here is pretty consistent all day I rarely managed to get out when I wanted too anyways. I mean, there were pancakes for breakfast. I also had planned to buy a new board, which took me some time as it was hard to find the right size and shape amongst all the small and long boards. By chance I decided to check out this surf shop on Praia Mole that someone recommended, and within minutes I’d found my new baby. The guy running the shop and school was super nice letting people try boards for free when buying. He also offered me a lesson and fixed the board when a little ding was revealed after buying it. How I love this place!

So stoked about my new board, absolutely love it!

So after a week it was getting pretty obvious that we weren’t going to travel around much before my friend had to leave again. I was falling in love with this place and started thinking less and less about Itacaré. But as I had told people I was coming back I went ahead and bought that flight ticket anyway. I still wanted to check it out again before making my decision on where to stay for the rest of my trip.

Not helping my decision, I got to work as a bartender again but this time in much friendlier circumstances, and I was loving it! I didn’t actually make any money but got to sleep and eat for free, which is everything you need basically.

 The cozy little hostel bar, open every night!

Then came the most frustrating period ever! After some very frequent use of my new board, Kiki, my back muscles seemed to just give in. I was stretching one morning, feeling particularly sore, and after that I just couldn’t do anything. My back hurt so badly I could barely walk. It would get better during the day and after some massage, but then I’d go and work the bar for 6 hours. Probably not the smartest thing, but after a day of doing nothing having something to keep me busy was the only option for my sanity. So a potential two days out of the water quickly turned into a week out of the water.

As opportunity would have it I decided to get one good thing out of the no sport period. A girl in the hostel was traveling with her tattoo kit and was doing some small work on people right there in the hostel reception. After planning to get my little wave in Ecuador but then the tattoo shop was closed, I’d been waiting on an opportunity like this since. My very first tattoo, I was superstoked! Spent probably an hour getting the line and position right, but it ended up just perfect! Just a little reminder of how difficult trying to learn how to surf has been, but how amazing it is when it all comes together. Also I just really like the ocean.

First tattoo, and I’m super happy about it! Planning my next one already. 

This week I’m flying to Itacaré and though I’m really excited to see everyone there again, I have a sneaking suspicion that there might be a return flight added to this trip. Even though it’s going to get colder down here in Floripa, I just can’t let go of the good times and vibes this place gives me. I know this might change though, Itacaré is known as Itaca-stay after all.

 How can one leave this place.. #nofilter

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