Leaving Itacaré

 The wonderful people at Che Lagarto
So I’m finally going through with it. I’m leaving Itacaré. The first stop in Brazil that became everything I was looking for when travelling. And as the town could offer everything I wanted, why leave and risk arriving at a lesser place? So I cancelled all other plans, rebooked my flight and ended up staying for six weeks.
Now, the town would probably drive most people mad within six weeks unless they had a purpose there, for me it was surfing. But then you also get attached, staying that long. You make friends, get a little hostel family and maybe end up dating a guy. I could easily have stayed longer.
But that also felt a little bit like cheating, taking the easy way out. I clung to my surfing-excuse, not wanting to interrupt the training or having to face new surf spots, but after a while that no longer holds up either. I could feel the need to see more, go outside the Itacaréan comfort and safety bubble. I mean, I have the whole world at my feet here. And even though it feels like the right thing to do, getting on that bus to Salvador for my Rio flight, was absolutely breaking my heart. I guess there is a wander-gene within me dominating all pleasure genes at the moment.
Travelling one and a half day through Salvador to Rio, I was lucky enough to be distracted by wonderful fellow travellers, but as soon as I was on my own, I was sobbing as a child. I had everything I wanted there, and now I’m alone in a shitty hostel in Rio, it’s raining, the city is huge and confusing, I have nothing to do and I’m tired as hell. It all just came crashing down. I was filled with regret, sorrow and hopelessness. And I’m guessing it will not be the last time as people keep telling me I will find more places like this.  And luckily I can in fact return whenever I feel like it.

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